Friday, June 12, 2015

Roadfood junkie at Shriner’s Surf and Turf Cookout

Roadfood by boat, are you kidding me? I was invited by friends to attend the 33rd annual Shriner’s Surf and Turf. Wasn’t that a party?
They sure know how to put on a fund raiser.

Who are the Shriners?
They are a group who raise money for kid’s hospitals.
The Surf and Turf was held at cottage country in the Georgian Bay area near Snugs Harbor in the District of Parry Sound. I'm really not sure if it was on the mainland or one of the 30,000 islands. Yes! You heard correct, there are 30,000 islands and maybe more, we traveled by boat to get to the party. A Shriner member donated his property for the event and a beautiful piece of property it was. It was a well planned event with a large barge docked with at least six outhouses.

We travelled to the party aboard the red Tug.

During the course of the day they had plenty to eat. Trays of smoke fish and smoked sausage were passed around continuously, along with huge veggie trays and dip. It was hard to leave room for the main event; Hips of beef and battered Pickerel along with four or five salads.
It was a great day and a good time was had by all. That is what these events are all about, good food, good times a day out with good friends.

The Shriners’
are an organization that do good work

to provide a better life for kids through medical care and hospitals. They wear those funny looking sand pail hats with a tassel and are not from the Middle East. Just a great group of guys who work hard to raise funds for less fortunate kids.

On our way out of Snug Harbor on Georgian Bay.Day started out overcast but the sun came out for a great day.

The Snug Harbor lighthouse.

The boys are arriving the party can begin.

The beef is on the barbi.

The Turf is looking good, just another hour and we can checkout the cooks results.Anyone hungry for Beef?

Pickerel is the Surf part of the hungry equation.
These boys are cooking up a batch of fried Pickerel.

It was a great couple of days in the north country.

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